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Ever wanted to learn how to make soap from scratch.  Came to the right place Click Button – Learn Now!

My soap making journey began when none of the soaps I purchased would help me or my sensitive dry skin. Because of this I began the journey of learning how to make my own soaps. After many attempts, I finally came up with a unique formula that worked and helped my skin heal and stay healthy. This is when I started to share my soaps with family and friends. After seeing that they were getting the same results, I decided to share my products with all of you.  Making Soap is Therapeutic!  

Soap Making, Bath & Body Products classes in the Massachusetts area. I offers a variety of classes from Intro to CP and HP Soap, Soap Making with Milk, Colorants, Formulating Recipes, and other advance classes. I will guide you through the entire process.


If you cannot attend our local classes this is the next best thing.  Click Button – Learn E-Classes Now!

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Learn E-Classes Now!