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I love Making Soap and it’s so much fun coming up with
designs and techniques and it’s THERAPEUTIC!!!.

My Story

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that’s certainly been the case for me. I purchased every kind of specialty soap I could find to try to help my sensitive skin, but none of them worked. That’s what started me on the journey to soap making. After a bit of self-education and many attempts, I finally created a unique formula that helped my damaged skin heal.

Once I saw consistent results, I began to share my new soap with family and friends. They too found relief and improved skin health after using it, so I decided to share my products with the world. And in 2009, Soaptastic Lush was born.

I started this shop for one simple reason: to produce natural, nourishing skin care products using the highest quality materials available. Having experienced the effects of harsh, chemical-laden soaps and having found no help in “sensitive skin” products, I understand the need for an honest-to-goodness healthy alternative.
What makes my soaps stand out from all the others on the market?

1. I’ve created a line of products with you in mind.
My unique formula was created out of a personal need for a quality skin care product. Because of this, every item I produce is made with the genuine intention of helping someone else meet their skin care needs. This dedication to my customers and attention to their needs has resulted in a high percentage of business from repeat customers and customer recommendations.

2. It isn’t just the ingredients, it’s the design.
It wasn’t enough for me to create a suitable, skin-soothing soap with a bland, soulless exterior. I wanted to offer something that would please the senses of touch, smell, and sight all together. My artisan soaps merge artistic expression with quality ingredients to create something completely unique for your and your family.

3. There’s something for every moment.
Soap shouldn’t just be a necessity, it should be an indulgence. Too often we don’t take the time we deserve to rest and refresh ourselves. That’s why artisan soaps are becoming increasingly popular gifts for all occasions. Soaptastic Lush offers gifts for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, farewell parties, corporate gifts, and practically everything else. If you can name it, I can create it.

And my products aren’t limited to soaps. I also offer sea salts, soy candles, and a number of other bath and body treats for your pleasure.

Quality and customer care come before anything else at Soaptastic Lush. Because of that, I can guarantee that every product I offer is:

– Completely handmade in my Soap Studio in Fall River, MA
– Free of any synthetic materials
– Petroleum free
– Animal friendly
– Vegetarian or Vegan
– 100% pure luscious

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.

Yes that’s right, I’ve added so many  New soaps, bath & body Products! New classes, and e-classes and more to come!

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