Our Ingredients

At Soaptastic Lush Soap Company, we strive to use only the highest quality, natural ingredients. These ingredients include:

Olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, and palm oil are present in our regular line of soaps. The soaps may also contain avocado oil, canola oil, shea butter, kokum butter, shortening, lard, beef tallow.

• All soaps contain sodium hydroxide (lye). However, the sodium hydroxide is neutralized in the saponification process. Soap cannot be made without sodium hydroxide.

• Most of our soaps contain decadent cow’s cream but may also be made with coconut milk, goat milk, buttermilk, tea, coffee, beer, wine or champangne.

Sugar is used to create more bubbles in our luxurious soap lathers.

• We use sodium lactate in our soaps which helps to produce a harder, longer lasting soap bar.

Stearic Acid – a vegetable derived waxy substance – is also used as a hardening agent in soaps, whether vegetable or paraffin based.

• We scent our soaps with fragrance oils or essential oils. Please use caution whenever using a body product containing essential oils. Be informed and know what essential oils may affect your body and medical issues. We use essential oils for scent only. We use the standard amount of fragrance and essential oils in our recipes. Strength of scent after cure will vary so some soaps will have a lighter or stronger scent than others.

• We color our soaps using micas, oxides, pigments, natural herbal colorants, and titanium dioxide, which is a naturally occurring whitening agent. Some colorants will ‘bleed’ some of their color. This is normal.

• Most likely our soaps will be topped with cosmetic glitter. We also top our soap with natural ingredients on occasion. All toppings typically wash off with the first use.
Proper Handling And Care

With proper care, your handmade soap will last for a long time.

Store packaged soap in a cool, dry area.

When not in use, please keep the soaps out of the direct stream of water, or a pool of water, to allow them to dry between uses. This will help the bars to last longer and not become water-logged.

Handcrafted soaps contain glycerin which is a humectant and is a natural by-product of making cold or hot process soap. It will naturally try to hold on to water.

Fun Fact: The naturally occurring glycerin is removed from the commercial soaps (a.k.a detergents) that you can find at the store. This is one of many reasons why handcrafted soap is a luxurious product.
If you have any questions about my products not covered here or in the FAQ, please contact me.

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